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4 Swimming Endurance Coaching Classes for Lengthy Distances

Lengthy-distance swimming is a good way to place your endurance skills to the check. Many athletes compete in distance swimming occasions due to the problem these competitions present for each the thoughts and the physique. Whether or not you’re new to endurance swimming otherwise you wish to begin swimming even longer distances, it’s essential to take your swimming endurance coaching significantly so you’ll be able to accomplish your objectives whereas staying protected out within the water.

This text will cowl important suggestions so that you can put together your physique for long-distance swimming. Endurance swimming requires so much from the physique, so we’ll look into a number of the finest methods to organize your self, like growing an cardio base and cross-training to complement your swimming.

Then, we’ll define 4 swimming endurance coaching classes. These swim exercises will embrace each typical endurance work and coaching for modifications in tempo. It will permit you to construct an excellent cardio base and allow you to discover ways to deal with modifications in tempo which might be important come open-water race day.

Develop a Strong Cardio Base

As a long-distance swimmer, sustaining your cardio base is the key to staying in prime form. Possessing a stable cardio base will keep your cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular methods all through a protracted swim.

Cardio train is when the physique creates power with the presence of oxygen. This happens if you carry out an exercise at an depth between 60% and 80% of your most coronary heart fee. While you surpass this stage of depth, your physique crosses what known as the anaerobic threshold. As soon as the edge is handed, your physique generates power with out oxygen utilizing the lactic acid system. 

Cardio coaching improves the effectivity of your cardiovascular and respiratory methods, and to achieve success as an endurance athlete, you want your coronary heart and lungs performing at peak efficiency. When these methods are in fine condition, extra oxygen-rich blood can attain your organs and muscle tissue, permitting you to carry out endurance exercise for prolonged durations with out experiencing extreme muscle fatigue associated to a build-up of lactic acid from anaerobic exercise.

Coaching inside 60-80% of your most coronary heart fee will work your cardio and respiratory features. As you proceed to coach at these intensities, you’ll discover which you could proceed to lift the bar of your cardio base. This implies you’ll be able to prepare at increased intensities with out crossing the anaerobic threshold. As your cardio base will increase, you’ll have the ability to swim higher distances whereas experiencing much less muscle fatigue. 

Think about Cross-Coaching

Swimming endurance training: person running outdoors

Cross-training is a superb complement for swimming endurance coaching. There are nice alternatives for each cardio and anaerobic train out of the pool.

The main advantages of cross-training embrace working completely different muscle teams and avoiding psychological burnout. Cross-training means that you can prepare extra regularly as a result of you’ll be able to let drained muscle teams relaxation whereas figuring out one other a part of your physique. It is usually a good way to maintain your coaching classes fascinating so that you don’t lose out on efficiency as a result of burnout.

Cardio Cross-Coaching Choices

Keep in mind to keep up your coronary heart fee throughout the cardio exercise stage to develop your base.

Two of the commonest cardio cross-training actions are carried out by triathletes in adjunct with swimming: operating and biking. Each of those actions will give your shoulders some much-needed relaxation after lengthy coaching classes within the pool. Plus, wanting down at a swim line or into the deep abyss of an open-water swim can get considerably monotonous after some time. Working or biking permits for a nice change of surroundings.

One other glorious choice for a full-body exercise is to make use of a rowing machine. Rowing is an exercise that interprets properly to swimming. Lots of the muscle tissue used within the rowing movement are additionally used whereas swimming.

​Anaerobic Cross-Coaching

Power coaching and different dryland coaching are good for exercising your anaerobic health ranges. As a distance swimmer, you must place a lot of your give attention to cardio exercise, however that doesn’t imply you must neglect anaerobic workout routines altogether.

Power coaching and dryland coaching will enhance the health of all of your main muscle teams. Extra power in your muscle teams will permit them to exert extra important quantities of pressure for an extended time period, that means you’ll have the ability to swim sooner.

Use workout routines like push-ups, chin-ups, and dips to prepare your arms for swimming. Carry out dumbbell/barbell rows and pull-ups to coach your again. To organize your legs, squats and lunges make nice choices. Lastly, goal your core with workout routines like sit-ups and planks.

4 Swimming Endurance Coaching Units

Man doing some swimming endurance training

Beneath are swimming endurance coaching workout routines. Be aware of the problem stage supplied with every swim coaching session. In case you are a newbie, select a set which you could full in its entirety earlier than shifting on to tougher units. 

Coaching Session 1 (Professional Swimmers)


  • 10 minutes of straightforward swimming at your individual tempo
  • 8 x 50 freestyle with a pull buoy and snorkel
    • Focus in your physique place and the catch section with 20 seconds of restoration
  • 4 x 100 damaged up as follows: 25 meters sculling / 50 meters freestyle respiration each 5 strokes / 25 meters backstroke legs / 20 seconds of restoration

Foremost set:

  • 4 x 600 freestyle damaged up as follows: 3 x 200 intervals with 10 seconds of restoration after the primary and second 200 and 60 seconds of restoration after the ultimate 200.
    • Breaking down the session into intervals will allow you to work at the next depth with the intention to keep a sooner swimming pace in even the longest races. Throughout this session, attempt to keep simply on the point of the anaerobic threshold. That is extraordinarily onerous coaching and is simply beneficial for skilled swimmers.

After finishing the principle set, quiet down at your individual tempo.

Coaching Session 2 (Skilled Swimmers)


  • 10 minutes straightforward at your individual tempo
  • 12 x 25 quick legs with a kickboard (20 seconds of restoration in between)
  • 1 x 200 damaged up as follows: swim 25 meters with one arm / 25 meters with the opposite arm / 50 meters with each arms respiration each seven strokes

Foremost set:

  • 1 x 50/100 with 5/15 seconds of restoration, respectively
  • 1 x 50/100/150 with 5/10/20 seconds of restoration, respectively
  • 1 x 50/100/150/200 with 5/10/15/30 seconds of restoration, respectively
  • 1 x 50/100/150/200/400 with 5/10/15/20/60 seconds of restoration, respectively
  • 1 x 50/100/150/200 with 5/10/15/30 seconds of restoration, respectively
  • 1 x 50/100/150 with 5/10/20 seconds of restoration, respectively
  • 1 x 50/100 with 5/15 seconds of restoration, respectively
    • The intention is to keep up a quick tempo over shorter intervals. The longer restoration on the finish of the mini-sets will permit you to be prepared for the subsequent set.

After finishing the principle set, quiet down at your individual tempo.

Coaching Session 3 (Intermediate and Skilled Swimmers)


  • 1 x 200 at your individual tempo
  • 1 x 200 legs with a board
  • 1 x 200 with a pull buoy
  • 3 x 50 freestyle at medium depth (20 seconds of restoration between every)
  • 3 x 50 freestyle at medium-high depth (20 seconds of restoration between every)

Foremost set:

  • 8 x 50 alternating excessive and low depth (15 seconds of restoration between every)
    • Odd numbered laps must be excessive depth and even numbered laps must be low depth
  • 4 x 100 freestyle at race tempo (10 seconds of restoration between every)
  • 2 x 200: 75 meters cardio / 25 meters quick / 75 meters cardio / 25 meters quick (20 seconds of restoration)
  • One-minute further restoration
  • Repeat the set
    • This session relies on modifications in tempo with the intention to maintain your coronary heart fee on the anaerobic threshold. The additional minute between the 2 units will permit you to keep a excessive depth even when the coaching load begins to get heavy.

After finishing the principle set, quiet down at your individual tempo.

Coaching Session 4 (All Swimmers)


  • 10-Quarter-hour at your individual tempo

Foremost set:

  • Check over 2,000 meters or 3,000 meters in a pool or open-water.
    • If you happen to can, check your health within the sea or a lake. Attempt coming into into an open-water competitors. Reap the benefits of this to check your self and prepare in another way. Even for those who solely use an open-water race as a coaching session, the circumstances can be fully completely different from these of a pool and can add variety to your coaching. The depth, climate/water circumstances, and your emotional state will all be completely different.

Get Out There and Prepare to Go the Distance

Group of people swimming in open water

Now that you simply perceive how one can develop a stable cardio base and what kind of cross-training you are able to do to complement your swimming endurance coaching, it’s time to move out to your native pool and begin training. As you discover your cardio base start to strengthen, you’ll be able to improve the depth to organize your physique to swim even higher distances.

Whether or not you’re new to long-distance open-water swimming otherwise you’re coaching to your subsequent triathlon, be certain you’ve obtained the perfect swimming wetsuit (for males and girls) to maintain you heat and swimming at peak efficiency.



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