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Anthony Gordon Suspended: FPL Managers Seek Midfield Alternatives

In the early stages of the Premier League season, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers face not only the challenge of team rotation but also the threat of player suspensions due to yellow card accumulation. This article delves into the FPL landscape, highlighting players at risk of suspension and those who will miss upcoming matches due to yellow and red card bans.

The Yellow Card Threshold
In the Premier League, any player who accumulates five yellow cards from their team’s first 19 matches will serve a one-match ban in the same competition. Crucially, these yellow cards do not carry over to the EFL Cup or FA Cup. FPL managers must monitor their players’ yellow card counts closely.

Anthony Gordon’s Suspension

Anthony Gordon, priced at £5.6m, hit the suspension threshold in Game week 7, collecting his fifth booking of the season. This means he will miss Newcastle United’s match against West Ham United. FPL managers who have Gordon in their squads need to find a suitable replacement for this fixture.

Players Close to Suspension

Several other players are walking a disciplinary tightrope with four yellow cards to their name

-Lucas Digne (£4.6m) of Aston Villa.– Douglas Luiz (£X.Xm) of Aston Villa.– Yves Bissouma (£X.Xm) of Tottenham Hotspur. And more.

Players with three yellow cards include popular choices like Ben Chilwell (£5.6m) of Chelsea and Bruno Fernandes (£8.4m) of Manchester United. FPL managers should keep a close eye on these players, as one more booking could lead to suspension.

Double Trouble: Ten Yellow Cards
Players accumulating ten yellow cards in Premier League matches up to and including their team’s 32nd fixture will serve a two-match ban in the competition. This is a more severe penalty that can have significant FPL implications. Managers must be cautious when relying heavily on players with a history of disciplinary issues.

Players missing Game week 8, game week 8 sees some  notable absences due to suspension: 

-Anthony Gordon is suspended for Newcastle United’s clash with West Ham United.

– Diogo Jota (£7.8m) will miss Liverpool’s game against Brighton & Hove Albion following a red card in the previous fixture.
– Curtis Jones (£4.9m), Jota’s teammate, is also absent for Game weeks 8, 9, and 10 due to a red card.
– Malo Gusto (£4.3m) completes his three-match ban for Chelsea against Burnley in Game week 8.
– Rodri (£5.6m) and Jean-Ricner Bellegarde (£5.0m) will miss upcoming matches due to violent conduct.

Players Available for Selection
Amidst the suspensions, some players become available for selection:

– Lyle Foster (£5.0m) of Burnley is back after serving a three-match ban.
– Nicolas Jackson (£7.0m) will serve his suspension and then return to the Chelsea lineup.

FPL Strategies to Mitigate Suspension Risks

Managing FPL teams in the face of yellow card suspensions requires a proactive approach. Here are some strategies to mitigate suspension risks and maintain a competitive advantage in your league:

Diversify Your Squad: Instead of relying heavily on players with a history of yellow cards, diversify your squad by selecting players from various teams. This way, if one player gets suspended, it won’t cripple your entire lineup.

Monitor Fixture Schedules: Pay attention to the upcoming fixtures of your FPL assets. If a player is one booking away from suspension and is about to face a challenging opponent, consider benching them for that match to avoid the risk.

Plan for Bench Depth: Invest in a strong bench with capable substitutes. Having players who can step in when your regular starters are suspended or rotated is crucial. Look for budget-friendly options who can provide a reliable backup.

Transfers and Wildcards: Use your transfers strategically to replace players who are close to suspension with those who have a clean disciplinary record. If necessary, consider using your wildcard to overhaul your squad and address suspension concerns.

Keep Abreast of Team News: Stay updated with team news and press conferences. Coaches often provide insights into player availability and potential rotations. Being well-informed can help you make last-minute adjustments.

Use the “Free Hit” Chip: The Free Hit chip allows you to make unlimited transfers for one Game week without incurring point deductions. If you have multiple players suspended and want to field a competitive team, this chip can be a lifesaver.

Consider Fixture Difficulty: When choosing your starting lineup, consider the fixture difficulty rating (FDR) provided by the FPL. Players facing weaker opposition may be less likely to pick up yellow cards due to reduced defensive pressures.

Stay Flexible: FPL success requires adaptability. If a key player gets suspended, don’t hesitate to make changes to your squad to accommodate the loss. Being flexible and proactive can help you maintain your position in the FPL rankings.

Navigating the intricacies of yellow card suspensions in the Fantasy Premier League is essential for FPL managers looking to gain an edge in their leagues. By employing these strategies and staying vigilant, you can minimize the impact of suspensions on your team’s performance and maximize your chances of FPL success. Remember that being prepared for potential suspensions is just as crucial as selecting top-performing players. Continue Reading

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