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FPL Price Swing: Risers and Fallers Make Waves in Managers’ Strategies

In Fantasy Premier League (FPL), managing your squad’s budget is as crucial as picking the right players. Player prices fluctuate throughout the season based on their performance and popularity. On September 30th, several FPL players saw their prices change by £0.1m. In this article, we’ll analyze the notable risers and fallers, their impacts, and what FPL managers should consider going forward.


Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) – £8.0m

Gabriel Jesus, the Brazilian forward, has seen his price rise to £8.0m after impressive performances for Arsenal. He has been a reliable goal-scorer and provider for his team, making him an attractive FPL option. Managers who had him in their squads early on have benefited from this price increase.

Kieran Trippier (Newcastle) – £6.7m

Kieran Trippier’s move to Newcastle has revitalized his FPL prospects. His consistent displays at the back and his ability to deliver accurate crosses make him an appealing choice for FPL managers. At £6.7m, he offers good value for his potential returns.

Fabian Schar (Newcastle) – £5.1m

Another Newcastle player, Fabian Schar, has seen his price rise by £0.1m. As a defender, Schar’s contributions in terms of clean sheets and the occasional goal from set-pieces make him an enticing option at a relatively affordable price.

Jarrod Bowen (West Ham) – £7.2m

Jarrod Bowen’s impressive start to the season has been duly rewarded with a price increase. His versatility and goal-scoring ability have made him a key asset for West Ham. Priced at £7.2m, he remains a valuable addition to FPL squads.


Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal)- €7.7m

Gabriel Martinelli, who started the season well, has experienced a price drop of £0.1m. This could be due to a combination of factors, including reduced playing time and competition for attacking spots at Arsenal. FPL managers may want to reassess his role in their squads.

Calum Chambers (Aston Villa) – £3.9m

Calum Chambers has seen his price decrease to £3.9m. This fall could be attributed to his limited involvement in Aston Villa’s starting lineup. It’s essential for FPL managers to monitor his playing time and form before considering him as an option.

Justin Kluivert (Bournemouth)-€4.7m

Justin Kluivert’s price has fallen possibly due to underwhelming performances. FPL managers should keep an eye on his role in the Bournemouth squad and assess whether he can regain his form.

Solly March (Brighton) – £6.4m

Solly March’s price decrease to £6.4m reflects his inconsistency in FPL returns. While he has the potential to contribute with goals and assists, managers may want to evaluate his role in Brighton’s lineup before considering him.

Luke Shaw (Man Utd) – £5.2m

Luke Shaw’s fall in price to £5.2m could be attributed to injury concerns and competition for the left-back position at Manchester United. FPL managers should monitor his fitness and playing time before making any decisions regarding his inclusion in their squads.

Implications for FPL Managers

Value Picks

The price rises of Gabriel Jesus, Kieran Trippier, and Fabian Schar highlight the importance of identifying value picks in FPL. These players offer excellent returns for their respective prices, allowing managers to free up budget for premium options.

Watchlist for Fallers

FPL managers should closely monitor the fallers like Gabriel Martinelli, Calum Chambers, and Justin Kluivert. Their price drops may present opportunities if they can regain form or secure more playing time in the coming weeks.

Squad Rotation

Players like Solly March and Luke Shaw, who have seen their prices fall, may still have a role to play in FPL squads. However, managers should be prepared for squad rotation and carefully choose when to deploy them.

Transfer Planning

The FPL season is a long one, and player prices will continue to fluctuate. Successful FPL managers plan their transfers strategically, taking into account both short-term and long-term prospects. The price changes on September 30th emphasize the need for such planning

Fantasy Premier League is a game where player prices can significantly impact your team’s performance. The September 30th price changes have brought both opportunities and challenges for FPL managers. Identifying value picks, monitoring fallers, considering squad rotation, and planning transfers are essential strategies to navigate these price fluctuations effectively. As the season progresses, staying informed and adapting to changes will be key to FPL success. Continue Reading

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