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Managing FPL: Players Close to Suspension and Yellow Card Strategies

Yellow cards in the Premier League can have a significant impact on Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers’ strategies. As we navigate through the early stages of the season, it’s crucial to keep an eye on players accumulating yellow cards and the potential consequences for your FPL squad. Let’s explore how yellow card suspensions work in FPL and provide insights into managing them effectively.

Understanding the Yellow Card Suspension Rules

Fpl Managers need to be aware of the rules regarding yellow card suspensions to  make informed decisions about their player selections and transfers. Here’s a breakdown of the key points.

Threshold for a One-Match Ban

Any player who accumulates five yellow cards in their team’s first 19 Premier League matches will have to serve a one match suspension  in the same competition. It’s important to note that yellow cards do not carry over to the EFL Cup or FA Cup.

Two-Match Ban for 10 Yellow Cards

Players who accumulate a total of 10 yellow cards in Premier League matches up to and including their team’s 32nd fixture will face a more severe punishment—a two-match ban in the competition.

Players Close to Suspension

As the season progresses, it’s essential to keep an eye on players who are nearing the suspension threshold. Here are some players who have accumulated yellow cards and are at risk of a one-match ban.

1. Jackson (Chelsea – FWD) – 5 Yellow Cards

2. Gordon (Newcastle – MID) – 5 Yellow Cards

3. Digne (Aston Villa – DEF) – 4 Yellow Cards

4. Douglas Luiz (Aston Villa – MID) – 4 Yellow Cards

5. Hickey (Brentford – DEF) – 4 Yellow Cards

6. Bissouma (Spurs – MID) – 4 Yellow Cards

7.Alvarez (West Ham – DEF) – 4 Yellow Cards

8. Lemina (Wolves – MID) – 4 Yellow Cards

Strategies for FPL Managers

FPL managers should consider several strategies to mitigate the impact of yellow card suspensions on their squads.

Monitor Player Status: Keep a close eye on the yellow card status of your players, especially those on the brink of suspension. Utilize FPL tools and websites to stay updated on player statistics.

Plan Transfers Wisely: When considering transfers, be mindful of the yellow card situation. Transferring in a player close to suspension may result in them missing a crucial fixture.

Use Bench Players Strategically: Have a strong bench with players who are less likely to accumulate yellow cards. This way, you can rotate your squad to avoid starting players at risk of suspension.

Utilize Wildcards and Chips: FPL provides managers with various chips and the wildcard. These can be strategically used to navigate tricky situations, such as avoiding suspensions or capitalizing on double gameweeks.

Players Who Will Miss Upcoming Matches

It’s essential to stay informed about players who are set to miss upcoming fixtures due to suspensions. For Gameweek 8, players like Anthony Gordon, Diogo Jota, Curtis Jones, and Malo Gusto will be unavailable, affecting their respective teams’ strategies.

In the coming weeks, other players like Rodri and Jean-Ricner Bellegarde will also complete their three-match bans, causing further disruption to FPL lineups.

The Return of Available Players

On the bright side, some players will return from suspensions, potentially boosting FPL managers’ options. Lyle Foster and Nicolas Jackson, for instance, will be available for selection after serving their suspensions.

In Fantasy Premier League, managing yellow card suspensions is an essential aspect of FPL success. By understanding the rules, staying informed about player status, and employing strategic tactics, FPL managers can minimize the impact of suspensions and maintain a competitive edge throughout the season.

FPL managers should monitor their players’ yellow card counts, be prepared for potential absences, and strategically plan their team selections to navigate through the challenges posed by suspensions. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and make the right moves to secure those all-important FPL points. Read More



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