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Manchester United Defender Lisandro Martinez Faces Further Surgery For Metatarsal Injury

Manchester United’s woes in defense continue as Erik ten Hag confirms that defender Lisandro Martinez will undergo further surgery to address his metatarsal injury. This news came after the club initially revealed that Martinez  would be sidelined for an extensive period due to the injury he sustained during the 2022/23 season. Let’s delve deeper into the details and implications of this setback for both the player and the club.

The Metatarsal Injury: A Recap

Lisandro Martinez, the talented Argentina center-back, suffered a metatarsal fracture during April’s Europa League quarter-final against Sevilla. This unfortunate incident forced him to miss the remainder of the 2022/23 season, including the Emirates FA Cup final where Manchester United faced defeat at the hands of Manchester City. The initial injury required surgery and an extensive recovery period.

Promising Start to the Season

After undergoing successful surgery and dedicating himself to recovery, Martinez made a triumphant return in time for the pre-season. He not only recovered swiftly but also managed to start in each of Manchester United’s opening four Premier League games. His return brought hope to the defense, but unfortunately, this hope was short-lived.

Recurring Injury at Arsenal

The metatarsal injury reared its ugly head once more during a match against Arsenal the previous month. Martinez experienced discomfort during subsequent games against Brighton & Hove Albion and Bayern Munich, prompting the need for further medical evaluation and treatment. The recurrence of this injury is a significant setback for both the player and the club.

Ten Hag’s Confirmation

In a press conference to preview Manchester United’s upcoming UEFA Champions League clash with Galatasaray, manager Erik ten Hag confirmed Martinez’s need for surgery. The manager expressed his disappointment regarding the situation but also conveyed his confidence in Martinez’s resilience, referring to him as a “fighter.”

Impact on the Squad

Ten Hag acknowledged the squad’s disappointment at losing a key defender like Martinez once again. The team is no stranger to injuries, with several first-team defenders currently unavailable. This list includes left-backs Tyrell Malacia, Sergio Reguilon, and Luke Shaw, as well as right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka. The absence of these players poses a significant challenge to Manchester United’s defensive capabilities.

Moving Forward 

Despite the setbacks, Ten Hag emphasized that there is still a long season ahead, and he believes Martinez will come back stronger. The manager and the club will have to navigate the challenges posed by injuries and maintain the squad’s competitive edge. The goal is to position the team well so that Martinez can make a meaningful contribution when he returns, adding quality to the defensive lineup.

The metatarsal injury suffered by Lisandro Martinez and his subsequent need for further surgery represent a setback for Manchester United. The recurrence of this injury has left the team grappling with defensive challenges, given the unavailability of several key defenders. However, manager Erik ten Hag remains hopeful and confident in Martinez’s ability to overcome this setback and return stronger. The club will continue to face the rigors of the season, aiming to maintain a competitive edge and position themselves for success when Martinez is fit to contribute once again. Continue Reading



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