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MatchDay 7 Bites Hard on Premier League Defending Champions “Manchester City”

In Premier League (EPL), it’s often the unexpected choices that lead to the most remarkable outcomes. MatchDay 7 brought one such surprise as Carlton Morris, a relatively unknown in EPL circles with a modest price tag of £5.6m, outperformed the likes of Erling Haaland, who boasts a hefty price tag of £14.1m.

For the daring EPL managers who chose to captain Carlton Morris, this MatchDay turned into a fantasy football dream come true. Morris, a forward for Luton Town, delivered in spectacular fashion, notching up a goal and potentially on course for a massive 14 points, including bonus points, following Luton Town’s impressive 2-1 victory against Everton.

In stark contrast, Erling Haaland, a highly-coveted fantasy asset with an armband on his arm, blanked for only the second time this season. The Manchester City striker could only muster two points as his team suffered a surprising 2-1 loss to Wolves.

What sets Morris’s performance apart is the fact that only 154,907 EPL managers had the foresight to captain him. This bold move is now set to result in a significant swing in EPL mini-leagues, as those who backed Haaland watch their points haul dwindle.

But the excitement doesn’t end here for Morris’s faithful backers. He has another match to play in Double MatchDay 7, where Luton Town faces Burnley at home on Tuesday. This offers an additional opportunity for Morris to shine and further bolster the points of those who believed in him.

As EPL managers across the globe reflect on their captaincy choices, all eyes are now turning to Mohamed Salah (£12.5m). Salah was the second-most captained player in MatchDay 7, with 278,957 managers putting their faith in him as Liverpool travels to face Spurs on Saturday evening.

The Unconventional Choices Pay Off

While the majority of Premier League managers favored Haaland or Salah as their captain choices, there were a few who opted for unconventional picks, and they reaped the rewards.

Among the top 100 managers in the current world rankings, three managers took the risk of captaining Carlton Morris, and they’re now sitting on a goldmine of points. Morris’s incredible performance has certainly set them apart.

One manager in the top 100 went even further with an ultra-differential move, choosing to give the captain’s armband to Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez (£4.9m), who had yet to register an attacking return this season. It’s a move that requires applause for its boldness.

Another standout choice came from the manager who captained Kieran Trippier (£6.7m). Trippier was the most-popular recruit of MatchDay 7, being added to nearly 800,000 squads. However, in a refreshing break from the norm, Trippier defied the curse that had plagued popular transfers in previous MatchDay. The Newcastle United defender delivered with an assist and a clean sheet in a 2-0 victory over Burnley, earning valuable points for his manager.

MatchDay 7 has reminded us once again that in the world of EPL, surprises and unconventional choices can lead to triumphs, making it a captivating and unpredictable journey for managers worldwide. The beauty of fantasy football lies in the unexpected, and this week’s results have underscored that truth with gusto.  Read More

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