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Methods to enhance your freestyle arm stroke!

Catch, pull, push and restoration, these are the 4 key phases in a freestyle arm stroke.

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A correct freestyle swimming motion will can help you develop a extra environment friendly stroke and improve your velocity within the water. 

The proper beginning place for an optimum arm stroke is along with your head going through downwards, retaining your again and hips excessive within the water. At the start of the arm stroke the palm of your hand should face downwards and your wrists must be greater than your fingers. 

Methods to enhance your freestyle arm stroke

  1. Start the catch section along with your elbow excessive, use your forearm to tug downwards. When your hand passes beneath your shoulder, your head ought to start to rotate so to breathe correctly. 
  2. Proceed the pull section retaining your physique in the proper place and ensuring your hand and arm are underneath your physique and never alongside it. Attempt to catch as a lot water as potential along with your forearm. Having accomplished the pull section, the palm of your hand must be going through upwards. 
  3.  Throughout the closing push section, your arm pushes backwards till it comes out of the water. Throughout the restoration section, increase your elbow and when your hand is midway alongside your physique rotate your head in order that it’s going through forwards once more.  
  4. As quickly as your hand reaches your shoulder, rotate it forwards in order that it’s simply touching the water and prolong it out in entrance of you to finish the stroke. 


Hand paddles may help you enhance the place of your hand throughout each section of the arm stroke, enhancing your management and permitting you to catch extra water. 

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