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Newcastle Star Kieran Trippier: Fantasy Premier League Must-Have or Over hyped?

Fantasy Premier League managers are always on the lookout for that one player who can make a significant difference in their team’s performance. In recent weeks, Kieran Trippier, the Newcastle United defender, has emerged as a potential game-changer. Let’s look into the opinions of top FPL managers and experts on whether Trippier is an essential pick for your fantasy team. Let’s analyze their insights and explore the key factors to consider when deciding whether to include him in your squad.

Gianni Buttice: The Rising Appeal of Trippier

Gianni Buttice starts our discussion by highlighting Trippier’s recent performances, which have earned him 30 points in the last two Gameweeks. For him, Trippier is feeling more like a must-have with each passing week. This raises the question: Is Trippier’s form sustainable, and should FPL managers prioritize him in their defense?

Harry Daniels: The Sustainability Factor

Harry Daniels offers a different perspective. While acknowledging Trippier as a great option, he expresses concerns about the sustainability of his recent assists. This is a common dilemma in FPL – the balance between short-term success and long-term planning. Daniels cautions against overcommitting to Trippier based solely on recent performance.

Lee Bonfield: Affordability and Premium Midfielders

Lee Bonfield draws attention to the financial aspect of FPL. Trippier’s price tag of £6.7 million is not insignificant, and fitting him into your team may require sacrifices elsewhere. With premium midfielders like Mohamed Salah, Son Heung-min, Bukayo Saka, and Erling Haaland attracting attention, Bonfield suggests alternative options like Sven Botman or Dan Burn to maintain a balanced squad.

Pranil Sheth: Team Adjustments and Fixture Runs

Pranil Sheth highlights the importance of team adjustments. While Trippier is a valuable asset, Sheth mentions that having him may not align with his current FPL strategy. He plans to opt for Pedro Porro or Destiny Udogie, considering their favorable upcoming fixtures. This decision underscores the significance of fixture runs in FPL decision-making.

Utkarsh Dalmia: Analyzing Fixtures and Defensive Options

Utkarsh Dalmia analyzes Newcastle United’s fixtures and advises caution. He suggests that Newcastle’s best fixtures might be behind them and that West Ham United’s consistent scoring record could make Trippier a less attractive option for the upcoming Gameweeks. Instead, Dalmia recommends looking at Aston Villa’s Matty Cash, who benefits from a run of favorable fixtures.

Ben Crabtree: Regrets and Trippier’s Reliability

Ben Crabtree voices regret about not acquiring Trippier when he had the chance. Trippier, in his view, is currently one of the safest defenders to own. This highlights the importance of timing and recognizing when a player is hitting a purple patch in their performances.

Sam Bonfield: Budget Constraints and Defensive Cover

Sam Bonfield acknowledges Trippier’s appeal but emphasizes the budget constraints many FPL managers face. With the need to allocate funds for premium midfielders like Son, Salah, and Haaland, it becomes challenging to fit Trippier into the squad. Bonfield considers sacrificing Trippier while seeking to cover Newcastle’s clean sheets through alternative defenders like Botman or Burn.

Nick Harris: The Risk of Not Owning Trippier

Nick Harris provides a valuable perspective on the risk associated with not owning Trippier. While he doesn’t label Trippier as essential, Harris points out that those without him may have already suffered in terms of FPL points due to Trippier’s impressive performances.

The Trippier Dilemma

In Fantasy Premier League, the decision of whether to include Kieran Trippier in your team is a complex one. While some managers view him as essential due to his recent point-scoring spree, others weigh the financial constraints and long-term sustainability of his form. The key takeaway from this analysis is that Trippier’s inclusion depends on your specific FPL strategy, budget, and other premium player preferences. As always, making informed decisions based on fixtures, form, and your overall team structure will be crucial in determining whether Trippier is an essential pick for your Fantasy Premier League squad. Read More



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