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Pochettino Emphasizes on the Importance of Goalkeeper Competition for Success

Competition for places within a football squad is often considered a key ingredient for success. Mauricio Pochettino, the renowned football manager  firmly believes in this principle, particularly when it comes to the goalkeeping position. In his quest for excellence, Pochettino recognizes the pivotal role that competition between goalkeepers can play in shaping a team’s performance.

Robert Sanchez’s Consistent Performances

One of the notable instances of Pochettino’s commitment to competition in goalkeeping is evident in his decision to consistently start Robert Sanchez this season. Sanchez’s assured display against his former club, Brighton, in a recent Carabao Cup match showcased his talent and his ability to keep a clean sheet. Many had expected him to be rested in this game to provide an opportunity for Djordje Petrovic, another summer signing, to gain valuable match experience. However, Pochettino’s choice to stick with Sanchez demonstrates his belief in maintaining a high level of competition within the squad.

Drawing Inspiration from PSG

Pochettino draws inspiration from his time managing Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where he had the luxury of choosing between two world-class goalkeepers, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Keylor Navas, for the coveted No.1 spot. This dual presence between the posts allowed him to rotate goalkeepers strategically. As Pochettino explains, “In Paris, we would play Donnarumma for two games and Navas for two games. It’s possible, but it’s dangerous.” This approach not only keeps both goalkeepers sharp but also maintains a high level of competition for the starting role.

The Challenge of Defining the Number One

While having strong competition is beneficial, defining a clear number one goalkeeper remains a challenge for every club. Pochettino acknowledges this complexity, saying, “It’s always good for every single club to define who is your number one, but in football the decision is the decision but sometimes coaches want to improve and have different profiles in the squad. Then it is how the player who is not going to play accepts being number two.”

Maturity in Handling Results

Beyond the goalkeeping position, Pochettino’s coaching philosophy extends to dealing with results – both positive and negative. Over the years, he has matured as a coach, learning to maintain his composure regardless of the team’s performance. He explains, “My balance is much better than 10 years ago. I am more mature now and I try to keep calm. I hope my wife is happy with my behavior now!” Pochettino’s coaching staff also follows this approach, focusing on finding solutions for the team’s future rather than reacting emotionally to outcomes.

The Impact on Team Performance

Pochettino’s unwavering commitment to fostering competition within his squad has a profound impact on the team’s overall performance. When goalkeepers are constantly challenged for their starting position, it pushes them to consistently deliver their best on the pitch. This internal competition not only raises the level of individual performances but also elevates the collective performance of the entire team.

In the case of Robert Sanchez, his consistent starts and impressive displays are a testament to the benefits of Pochettino’s approach. Knowing that he must perform at his best to retain his spot in the starting lineup motivates Sanchez to maintain a high standard, ultimately benefiting the team’s defense and overall results.

Striking the Right Balance

While Pochettino places a premium on competition, he also acknowledges the need for balance. Defining a clear number one goalkeeper can provide stability and confidence to the team. It allows the chosen goalkeeper to build rapport with the defense, enhancing communication and coordination at the back.

However, Pochettino’s experience has shown that having a dependable backup is equally essential. Injuries and suspensions are common occurrences in football, and a strong second-choice goalkeeper can step in seamlessly when needed, ensuring that the team’s performance doesn’t suffer in the absence of the primary goalkeeper.

Pochettino’s evolution as a coach extends beyond his tactics on the field. His ability to maintain composure and maturity, irrespective of the results, is a quality that has a profound impact on the team’s morale and resilience. By staying calm and composed, Pochettino sets an example for his players, encouraging them to focus on improvement rather than dwelling on setbacks.

This mature outlook not only benefits the team during challenging times but also fosters a positive and stable environment for players to thrive. It instills a sense of confidence in the team, knowing that their coach has the ability to steer them through both the highs and lows of a football season.

Mauricio Pochettino’s emphasis on strong competition in the goalkeeping position highlights his commitment to achieving success on the football pitch. Whether it’s through consistent selections or strategic rotations, his approach mirrors the age-old adage that competition breeds excellence. As he continues to guide his teams, Pochettino’s maturity in handling results serves as a testament to his growth as a coach, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced perspective in the highs and lows of football management. Continue Reading



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