Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Shadow footwork for doubles | BadmintonCentral

Hey guys,

I need to begin performing some shadow footwork. I solely play doubles and am questioning if my shadow footwork ought to be in doubles positions (eg rear court docket solely, then entrance court docket) relatively than singles (standing within the middle of the court docket and doing the 4 nook footwork).

Are there any youtube movies with doubles particular shadow footwork drills? I did a search and most of them are singles 4 nook and 6 nook drills.

How typically ought to I do these drills per week and what number of units and many others length and many others?
I play social video games 3 instances per week. I do know it varies with every particular person however roughly how lengthy earlier than I can count on to see some enchancment? I believe my footwork pace is okay, its extra the method that i must right. In the mean time I believe I am taking too many pointless small steps particularly on the rear court docket.




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