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Study all about medley coaching!

Medley coaching isn’t straightforward, however it’s actually one thing it’s best to be taught to do if you wish to turn out to be a extra full swimmer. Coaching for all 4 strokes will increase your cardio capability and offers you a greater really feel for the water.

There are numerous advantages to be gained from medley coaching:

1. Coaching selection. We’ve got already seen that selection is the important thing to profitable coaching.

2.  Assorted stimuli. Quite a lot of totally different stimuli means extra and totally different motivation and larger consideration to element.

3. The potential for collaborating in several races from traditional. This may have large advantages relating to your personal races.

The methods to be adopted are quite simple:

Work in your weaker strokes at the least a couple of times every week

Change strokes continuously throughout particular person coaching periods

Practice all of the totally different strokes in the appropriate order

  • 20×50 m medley (5x butterfly/5x backstroke/5x butterfly/5x freestyle)


Practice your legs. Swim the butterfly and breaststroke along with your arms stretched alongside your sides and the backstroke and freestyle partly on one facet

Work on altering stroke whereas turning throughout units in your legs

  • Swim “full” strokes when coming into and exiting turns
  • pay very cautious consideration to turns


Having grasped the fundamental ideas of medley coaching, you can begin to use them as a way to:


1. Practice your cardio capabilities with totally different sorts of units

“There and again” technique

  • butterfly/backstroke/breaststroke/freestyle > freestyle/breaststroke/backstroke/butterfly.

For instance,  8×100 medley, 1x “there” 1x “again” with 20” restoration

“Pairs” technique

  • Butterfly/backstroke, backstroke/breaststroke, breaststroke/freestyle, freestyle/butterfly. For instance, 16×50 medley, 1x “pair” with 10” restoration


2. Practice the totally different strokes in development:

25 butterfly

50 butterfly/backstroke

75 butterfly/backstroke/breaststroke

100 medley

75 butterfly/backstroke/breaststroke

50 butterfly/backstroke

25 butterfly

3. Practice your weakest strokes

units x 150 m (with out freestyle):

  • 50 butterfly/50 backstroke/50 breaststroke
  • 25 butterfly/25 backstroke/25 breaststroke


4. Practice at race tempo with intervals (for the 200m medley)

25 butterfly with 5” restoration

50 butterfly/backstroke with 10” restoration

50 backstroke/breaststroke with 10” restoration

50 breaststroke/freestyle with 5” restoration

25 freestyle

Right here is one closing piece of recommendation

When you find yourself doing medley coaching periods, attempt to prepare with and in opposition to different swimmers, who’re stronger that you simply at different strokes. This may actually allow you to enhance your weaker strokes. Additionally, you will discover that medley coaching even helps you enhance your favorite stroke.


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